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Celebrate the 2023 Christmas season with us!

Open nightly November 10 through December 31 - rain, shine, or snow!!!

The Indiana State Fairgrounds once again hosts Christmas Nights of Lights, Indianapolis’ largest drive thru light show synchronized to music broadcasting through your car radio!


No cash or credit will be accepted at the ticket booth. With our new reservation system in place, wait times should be under an hour.

However, since there are limited tickets each night, there are NO REFUNDS.

Exchanges for a different night or time slot based on availability and must be made no later than 10pm on the day the ticket is valid.

Tickets purchased using a discount code can only be exchanged for show times between 11/10/2023 - 11/19/2023.

• Enter Christmas Nights of Lights at Indiana State Fairgrounds 1698 E 42nd St. (Gate 12).

• Carload Passes and Group Passes apply to SINGLE VEHICLES only. We are not able to admit multiple vehicles under the same Carload Pass or Group Pass.

• The height restriction of the entrance tunnel is 11 ft. WE CANNOT ACCOMMODATE FULL SIZE BUSES OR LARGE RVS!

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Gate 12

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